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Safe Arrival

SAFE ARRIVAL  -  Reporting Student Absences:

Student safety is of paramount importance at the Vancouver School District.  Ensuring student safety is a shared responsibility.  In order to assist schools, we ask parents to notify schools of student absences. If your child will be absent from school, please phone the school to report this absence as early as possible. Parents should leave a message on a dedicated answering service by calling 604-713-5159 and enter 19# for the school mailbox before 9am.  Messages will be received before 9:00 am.  School offices are very busy places: consistently notifying your child’s teacher in advance of your child’s absence will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Safe Arrival Morning Routine. 

District Student Code of Conduct Regulation

Parent/Guardian responsibilities include:

  • informing themselves about the approach and goals of promoting a safe and caring school community through accessing District and school level resources;
  • adhering to Board policies and the School Code of Conduct when in attendance at school functions and support all students by reinforcing and modeling appropriate social behaviours;
  • supporting students through co-operative school and parent/guardian partnerships regarding appropriate academic, social and emotional behaviours;
  • supporting the school’s and District’s role in responding to behaviour that contravene VSB policies and reinforce students’ understanding of their behaviour and of the consequences arising;
  • ensuring that their child/children (or child/youth in their care) attend school regularly and on time; and
  • promptly reporting to the school their child/children’s (or child/youth in their care) absence or late arrival.
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