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Our Staff

PrincipalMs. Natasha Miladinovic
Vice PrincipalMs. Lena Ling

Classroom Teachers:

1Ms.Ling/Ms. Sadr 7
2MMs. Ho7
3Ms. Johal6/7
4Ms. Joseph6
5Ms. Hsieh5/6
6Ms. Rowley5
7Ms. Scoretz5
8Ms. Hwang4
9Ms. Kelland4
10Ms. Lam3
11Ms. Rodriguez3
12Ms. Stone2/3
13Ms. Lin2/3
14Ms. Joe2
15Ms. Grassi2
16Ms. Milford1/2
17Ms. Chan1
18Ms. Singh1
19KMs. MulhernK
20KMs. AndresK
21KMr. TavernaK

Teaching Support & Resource Staff:

Teacher LibrarianMs. Alexander
Music Prep - StringsMr. Colpitts
Primary Fine Arts PrepMs. Sadr
Resource TeamMs. Carmichael
Ms. Fujita
Ms. Lee
Ms. Leung
Ms. Sadhra
Ms. Wong    

Support Staff:

Admin AssistantMs. Tang
Office SupportMs. Kellow (Mon & Tue)
SSA'sMs. DeCastro Montas
Ms. Chester
Ms. Gill
Ms. Shi
Ms. Solorzanoortiz
Ms. Yip
Day EngineerMr. Hewabaddege
Afternoon EngineerMr. Thakur
Supervision Aid'sMs. Cheema
Ms. Ghasemi
Ms. Lee
Mr. Lum
School CounsellorMs. Foster
Speech & Language                  Ms. Land

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