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Mandarin Bilingual Program

UPDATE: Mandarin Bilingual Program Move 

The District has relocated the Mandarin Bilingual choice program from Jamieson Elementary to Trudeau Elementary.  

The Mandarin Bilingual Program helps students

  • Learn Mandarin in an effective and challenging way
  • Participate in rich Mandarin cultural learning experiences
  • Meet new friends
  • Learn a second language that will give students an edge in the working world
  • Participate with motivated students in a high energy environment! Join a unique program! 

Application Forms 

More information about applying to the Mandarin program at Trudeau can be found by visiting their website.

VSB Mandarin Bilingual Program    

The Mandarin Bilingual program is a unique choice program - core curriculum is taught in English, and Mandarin is delivered through Mandarin Language Arts. All requirements of the BC curriculum are covered - the program starts in grade 4 and continues through to grade 7.  

This Program is Designed for Students Who

  • Are residents of Vancouver
  •  Are fluent in English and have strong English reading and writing skills
  • Will be entering grade 4 in September and do not have Chinese literacy skills
  •  OR If there is space, are entering Grade 5 and 6 and have appropriate Chinese Literacy Skills for specific Grade group openings. 

The Program Will help Develop…

  • Mandarin oral communication skills for a variety of situations
  •  Reading and writing skills using Chinese characters

High School Continuation

The program continues at Eric Hamber Secondary School

Class Size

The number of students in each class follows the BC Ministry class size regulations. 

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