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About Us

Welcome to the General Wolfe School community

At our school we are committed to providing an excellent learning environment and experience for our students.  The school’s current areas of particular focus are strengthening student literacy and social responsibility.  There has been a longstanding commitment to fostering student social responsibility and this is achieved through embracing, teaching and consistently demonstrating our school’s code of conduct, PAWS, which stands for being Polite, Accountable, Welcoming and Safe.  

The school community consists of approximately 415 students (260 families) from kindergarten to grade 7.  Our families come from all areas of the globe and bring to the school a rich diversity of languages and heritages.  Some Wolfe families have been in Vancouver for many generations while others have been here for a short while and we celebrate and are enriched by our diversity.

General Wolfe School is located in the Riley Park community. The school site, located at 4251 Ontario Street consists of two buildings; the main brick building was opened in 1910 and the adjacent “annex building” was opened in 1920. We are very fortunate to have Spare Time Clubhouse, a childcare program located in our school and a number of our students participate in this program before and after school.  General Wolfe is a dynamic community which benefits from much parent involvement and support. 
There are many community resources that Wolfe staff and students are able to access.  Many students participate in programs offered by the Riley Park Community Centre, Little Mountain Neighbourhood House and the Hamber and Tupper Community School Teams. Classes regularly visit Riley Park Ice Rink, the Vancouver Olympic Centre, Hillcrest Park, and Queen Elizabeth Park.   

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