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Our Staff

PrincipalMs. S. Dent

PAC Chairperson Ms. C. Wilson
Director of InstructionMs. J. Myers

Administrative AssistantMrs. R. Carollo
Office AssistantMrs. Z. Harji


Division 1Ms. S. Segers Grade 6/ 7
Division 2Ms. S. Soper Grade 6/7
Division 3Ms. M. Terezakis/Ms. R. Anderson Grade 6/7
Division 4Ms. S. Jamal/TBA Grade 4/5
Division 5Ms. M. Mayhew/Mr. C. Mathewson Grade 4/5
Division 6Mr. J. Smathers Grade 4/5
Division 7Ms. J. Kwon Grade 4/5
Division 8Ms. L. Andrews Grade 2/3
Division 9Ms. J. Beeman Grade 2/3
Division 10Mr. N. Allan Grade 2/3
Division 11Ms. C. Essar/Ms. A. Arbour-Polley
Grade 1/2
Division 12Ms. D. Emery/Ms. J. Allen Grade 1/2
Division 132Ms. C. Oades Grade 1
Division 14Mr. O. Ng Grade K
Division 15Ms. M. Zheng
Grade K
Division 16Ms. R. Webber/Ms. J. AllenGrade K
Resource Teachers         Ms. K. Lee      
 Ms. A. Husdon

 Ms. A. Arbour-Polley    

 Mr. C. Mathewson 

Teacher Librarian           Ms. D. Mochrie  
Technology/BandMr. C. Mathewson    
 Student Support Staff 
Ms. J. Carroll
Ms. F. Levere
Ms. M. Mazure
Ms. G. Primerano
Ms. J. Sparkes
Ms. J. Stolk 
School Psychologist     Ms. M. Murphy
School Counsellor Ms. T. Evans
Speech Language Pathologist Ms. H. Ghobrial   
Supervision Team             
Ms. K. Chak
Mr. G. MacKay 
Building Engineer Mr. Tony Ma
Evening Engineer's TBA
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