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Band for grades 6-7 students (optional)

Rollerblading – school wide for 2 weeks (January)

Hip Hop Dancing Workshop and Performance Week (May)

UBC Farm: Landed Learners– one class participates in this year-round program 

  Student Leadership is encouraged through a variety of leadership opportunities:

- The Bruce Student Council – with classroom representation from Gr 1-7
- Buddy classes with intermediate students mentoring primary students.
- Peer Educator Program
- Regular student-led assemblies and daily PA announcements.
- A variety of athletic opportunities where students represent our school.
- Student initiated activities: e.g. dances, events and fund-raisers.

Extra Curricular Activities  Students are encouraged to participate in our Junior and Senior sports teams where they learn to practice athletic skills, sportsmanship and promote school spirit. The school community enthusiastically supports our teams, known as the “Bruce Bears”. Students are welcome to join, have fun and develop their skills in:

- Cross Country             - Basketball Teams             - Fast Break Soccer
- Track and Field           - Volleyball Teams            - Fast Break Basketball

After-School Programs - The Windermere Community Team trains Windermere Secondary students to lead these programs. Collingwood Neighborhood House also provides the Buddy Program for students new to Canada. The programs below have been available over the past years and other interest areas are provided when available:

- Homework Club             - Reading Club             - Buddy Program        - Drama Club
- Piano Lessons                - Cooking Club             - Arts and Craft           - Fast Break Sports

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