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Mission Statement

To provide a safe and respectful learning environment

For all students to achieve their full potential as lifelong learners and 

to become responsible, contributing citizens in our ever-changing society.

Graham Bruce Elementary School enrolls approximately 250 children from Kindergarten to Grade Seven in an active, inclusive school community of students, staff and parents. Our school has a strong focus on academic learning, physical education and growth as socially responsible members of our school community.

Our school has 11 divisions with access to indoor facilities such as:

  • Interactive Smart Board technology used in all classrooms and in the library
  • An extensive library developed through a $150 thousand Indigo/Chapters’ Grant
  • iPads and laptops available for all students
  • A large activity room, an art area, music room and gymnasium
  • A large, colorful indoor mural of literary themes by a community artis
  • Creative bulletin board and hallway displays are regularly changed throughout the year, celebrating the writing, projects and artwork of Bruce students

 The Graham Bruce School community also values and continues to enhance the outdoor environment. The following features enhance the school grounds:

  • All areas are well-supervised  when children are outdoors during school hours, creating a safe, comfortable environment.
  • Four playground areas equipped with structures designed for fun and activity. The newest playground was a “community installation” in July 2009 by parents and staff who worked together with the district and playground provider. 
  • A large outdoor covered area with access to play equipment.
  • Two large sports fields - all-weather and grass: Blacktop with 4 basketball hoops. Outdoor tables and benches. 
  • The Graham Bruce Peace Garden, based on the Aboriginal Medicine Wheel was opened with a community ceremony in June ‘09, This beautiful space is used as a place to teach classes from Bruce and other Vancouver schools about Aboriginal culture and Medicine Wheels. It is also an outdoor classroom and a place to sit or gather for students and community members. 
  • Bruce School has extensive, colorful outdoor murals produced by students with a community artist, reflecting themes of gardens, nature and sustainable living.

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