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About Us

About Hastings:

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Dual track school (K-7 English Program and K-7 French Immersion Program)
  • The YMCA operates a before school and after school daycare in the Hastings Multi-purpose Room
  • Hastings is a member of the Templeton Community School Team.
    • Hastings is one of six schools in the Hub and receives funding to help vulnerable children in the areas of Literacy, Social Responsibility and Community Engagement. 
    • A Community School Coordinator organizes programs for students during the lunch period, after school and during the summer. Hastings has a very active PAC supporting and initiating many school events.  
  • The PAC was instrumental in the fundraising and installation of our new intermediate playground and is currently working on the plans for improving our playground.
  • Hastings celebrated its 100th birthday in the 2008 school year. 
  • Tillicum School is an annex for Hastings.  The Annex has a Kindergarten to Grade 4 English Program and is six blocks from Hastings School. 
  • Our vision of success is that each child is continually supported and allowed to engage in maximum learning and that the students’ diverse learning styles and rates are respected.
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