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Library News

Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you very much for supporting our Scholastic Book Fair. Our total was just over $10,000. We received 60% back in books!

A huge thank you goes out to all the parents that helped at the Fair and especially to Tammy Heung who volunteered for the four days and does a regular stint once a week in the library!

Teach Talk

Some parents have indicated that they would appreciate learning about some of the tech tools students are using at school. The tools are taught and used as part of inquiry projects, which are repeated in various subject areas. These tools are used with in conjunction with parent's consent.

Powerpoint: (Recent examples) Kindergarten FI - La Sens. Students copied and pasted creative commons picture and recorded their voice. Grade 1 - Les éléphants - Students interpreted maps and added specific information to a powerpoint.


"Edmodo is a social learning network and secure microblogging platform where teachers and students can interact and collaborate online. It has an interface similar to Facebook, however it is mich more secure since it is a closed network. Both teachers and students can share notes, link, files and resources with each other." Jeff O Hara, one of the cofounders of Edmodo.


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