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We are thankful to have Kerrisdale staff who are willing to give their time to volunteer to coach or sponsor one of these teams. Be appreciative of their time and effort.


Game Day

We will combine the junior and senior girls and will play against other schools. Games are on Thursday (after school) starting January 23rd.

Junior boys' (grade 6) game is on Mondays (after school) staring in January 27th.

Senior boys' (grade 7) game is on Wednesdays (after school) staring in January 22nd.

Seniors boys and girls will enter a tournament at the end of the season (end of February until March). Coaches will select a 10-12 players roster base on attendance to practices/games and overall performance.


Students are expected to be punctual and participate in all practices and games. As well, students need to be prepared for practices and games by wearing appropriate clothing and running shoes. Out of respect, if a student is unable to make a practice or game, he/she needs to let the coach know ahead of time. If a student is sick, please send a note with your child letting the coach know of the missed practice or game.

Practice Schedule

Junior boys' (grade 6) Thursdays @ 8:00am starting January 16th and Mondays during lunch at 12:15pm

Junior girls' (grade 6) Wednesdays @ 8:00am starting January 15th.

Senior girls' (grade 7) Wednesdays @ 8:00am starting January 15th.

Senior boys' (grade 7) Tuesdays @ 8:00am starting January 14th and Wednesdays during lunch at 12:15pm (except Wednesday January 29 and February 12)

If you have any questions regarding this year’s basketball season, please speak with Mme. Katy.

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