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Fundraising Direct Appeal

Fundraising Direct Appeal

Nov 3, 2022

King George Secondary School Parent Advisory Council

Direct Appeal Fundraising Campaign

Each year the PAC seeks donations that go directly to funding critical programs in our school.

This year, the PAC is supporting the installation of an additional drinking water filtering station on the second floor.

The estimated cost for this is $4,000.

This is where YOU come in!

ANY amount of donation is welcomed to help cover the cost of the additional water filtration system. 

All money from this direct donation Appeal will go towards the water filtration system and any extra funds received will help support essential programs in our school that are not covered by the government. 

There is no minimum or maximum amount, and a tax receipt will be issued for all donations received.

Donating is quick and easy: 

1.  Go to

2.  Choose from a list of donation amount under Gift Information chose amount options or enter a specific amount.

3.  Choose a “Fund Destination.” A dropdown list includes every school. Click either on ‘King George’ or ‘King George PAC’ from the drop down.

4.  Tribute Information may be left as is ‘not a tribute gift’.

5.  Click on “Add To Cart”.

6.  Review the information for accuracy and click on “Continue” if everything is correct.

7,  You will then be prompted to sign in. If you don’t have a School Cash Online account, then click on “Click here to register now” and follow the steps to                   complete the registration process. If you do have an account, then continue with the payment process to complete the donation transaction.

8.  After the payment has been processed a donation receipt will appear on screen for printing. You will also receive an emailed copy.

This direct appeal campaign is open and effective immediately.

Your support in boosting the healthy environment at King George is very much appreciated by every student, teacher, and family.

By the way, this appeal is not only directed to parents and guardians.

We please ask that you extend this request to grandparents, friends, employers and members of the community.

Thank you.

Parent Advisory Council Executive


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