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King George Secondary has a variety of after school clubs and activities throughout the school year.  Clubs change from year to year depending on interest.   

Joining a club is a great way to meet people and get involved in the school.  If you are interested in participating in one of these clubs, please contact the teacher sponsor.  

See link below for the list of clubs we are offering this year.

KG Clubs List 2023-2024     

KING GEORGE CLUBS 2023-2024Teacher Sponsor
Art Club
After school Arts opportunities
Mr. M. Sinclair
Badminton Club
For Everyone interested in playing badminton for fun or for anyone interested in improving their skills in badminton, please come join us in the Gym every Friday at 7:15-8:30am in the morning(except for days where we have staff meetings!). This will be on-going until we do tryouts and have an official badminton team (most likely in January).
Mr. B. Yee
Chess Club
Students that choose to participate will be able to play chess with others. To create an environment where students can improve and challenge their skills.Mr. J. DeBlasio
Drama Club
Students are preparing a performance for Bard Youth Festival. They are rehearsing every Wednesday, from 3:15pm-5:15pm with an Actor Coach provided by Bard Education to create an original Shakespeare-inspired piece. Performance will be on November 25th at the BMO Theatre with other schools who have participated.Ms. H. Init
Dungeons & 
Dragans Club
D&D club : At D&D club we foster critical thinking, social skills, and leadership through the medium of roleplaying games like D&D. Students meet every wednesday at lunch to roleplay imaginary heroes, usually in sci-fi and fantasy settings, telling stories whose outcomes depend on a roll of the dice.
Mr. K. Lindsay
Here 4 Peers
"Here 4 Peers" is a mental health awareness club aimed at breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health, and promoting a more supportive environment with in our school community. We strive to educate our peers on various aspects of mental well being while fostering the idea that you are not alone in your struggles. 
Mr. K. Lindsay
Interact Club
Sponsored by Rotary Club (District 5040) - focusing on fostering friendships, developing leadership skills, helping our local community, and learning about global citizenship. Rotary/Interact motto: "service above self" . The club meets every Thursday at lunch. Additional times outside of this may be required depending on activities. Rotary requires a waiver form to be signed by parents before students can participate in any activities that they sponsor. 
Ms. V. Kam
Girls Jam Club
A club for young women of all grades and skill levels to play their favorite songs in a comfortable and safe environment to encourage more women to join music. 
Ms. A. Pearce
Library Club
Library club members can volunteer lunch times - Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays (it is flexible to their schedule, they pick the day(s) of the week that works for them " every ___" ). They provide an invaluable service to the school by keeping the library neat & organized for all patrons. It is also a great time for book lovers to preview new titles & chat about their latest reads. (Also, shelving can be quite calming during a stressful/chaotic day.Ms. V. Kam
Math Club
A vibrant math club where enthusiasts unite to explore, solve and celebrate the wonders of mathematics.
Ms. R. Mullen

Model Un
A student formed version of the United Nations to discuss world wide current events of country. 
Mr. P. Wilband
Rainbow GSA
Our Gay-Straight-Alliance is an inclusive meeting space for anyone, regardless of how you identify or who you like, so long as you're an ally of the queer community. We talk about issues in and around school, share stories, and plan events that celebrate our diverse community. We meet every Thursday at lunch in room 141.

 Ms. J. Moore/
 Ms. G. Jerome
Skate Club
Our Skateboarding Club is a group that convenes every Wednesday from 3:15-4:30 with the intention of connecting with fellow peers, supporting one another in the building of skills and techniques, and creating a safe space for physical activity with achievable goals for growth in skateboarding.
Ms. J. Moore/
 Ms. S. Wang
Student Council
A club for students to share ideas, contribute to their community and make a difference in their school. 
Ms. J. Moore/
 Ms. S. Wang
Tuesday Debate ClubDebate with your peers in a casual but structured setting.Mr. M. Sinclair
Thursday Debate ClubTo develop debating skills for students in a safe learning environmentMs. S. Wang
Ultimate Frisbee club
This club is designed to nurture athleticism, health, and self-confidence in our students. Ultimate club is designed around fun and learning, with newcomers welcome. The club is intended to set us up to have strong team for the BCSAA competitions in the spring. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday on the field after school, from 3:15 to 4:00pm.Mr. K. Lindsay
Writers ClubWriters Club provides a place for collaborative writing improvement and supports students in their creative pursuits through discussion.Mr. S. Bredenkamp

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