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Consent Forms On-Line

September 11, 2023


We would like to inform you that we have now digitized the essential school consents that need to be completed for your child. These consents are crucial for various aspects of your child’s education and on-line safety.

  1. Adobe CC “Creative Cloud” Acknowledgement of Use (for Students).  Students agree to the terms and conditions set by Adobe in order to use their software and services.
  2. Adobe CC “Creative Cloud” Acknowledgement of Use (for Parents).  By providing consent, parents acknowledge that they understand the terms of service privacy policy associated with Adobe CC.
  3. CASL Consent (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation):  To comply with CASL regulations, we require your consent to continue sending important updates, newsletters, and event invitations via email.
  4. External Media Consent:  Granting media consent allows us to capture and use photographs, videos, other media featuring your child for educational and promotional purposes. It enables us to showcase their achievements and activities through various channels, such as our school website, social media platforms, and newsletters.
  5. G4-12 Student AUP “Acceptable Use Policy” Consent:  The AUP outlines guidelines for your child’s safe and responsible use of technology within the school environment. By granting AUP consent on-line, you acknowledge and agree to these policies. Please complete the AUP Consent form to ensure your child can access school technology resources.
  6. VSB Media Consent:  Granting VSB Media Consent allows the Media (including radio, television, newspapers, and other print and online media) are sometimes permitted or invited to come to the school or to school activities and allowed to take photos or video or conduct interviews with students, for the purposes of promoting public understanding of school programs, building public support for public education and encouraging student achievement.

Please note that completing these consent forms is entirely voluntary and we respect your decision if you choose not to grant these consents for your child.

To complete these consents online, please log in to

Please see attached for instructions. When logging in using the VSB Credential Option, you will need to use your child’s address. If this does not work, please use your child’s PEN number and Date of Birth (DOB). (if you are still having issues logging in, please close all browsers and log out of all other accounts and try again.

If you encounter further difficulties or have any questions regarding the online consents or the process, please feel free to contact our school office at 604-713-8999.

Your prompt action in completing these consents online is great appreciated. Your involvement ensures the safety, well-being and enriched educational experience of your child.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

Best Regards,

Tyler Evans


King George Secondary School

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