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Lord Beaconsfield Elementary School PAC


Meetings are held once per month on a regularly scheduled date each month (usually the second week of the month). Dates subject to change. Every parent/guardian of a student attending Lord Beaconsfield Elementary is a member of the P.A.C. and encouraged to attend meetings when they can! It's a great place to learn more about your child's school, share ideas and get involved as little or as much as you are able!

   next PAC meeting is:

Tuesday April 9th, 2024 @ 6:30pm - staff room

* child minding for school aged children available & snacks will be served!


School Year: Sept 2023 - June 2024

PAC MINUTES Sept 2023 (1).pdf

PAC AGM Minutes Draft Oct 2023.pdf

PAC MINUTES November 14 2023.pdfPAC MINUTES December 12 2023.docx.pdf

PAC MINUTES January 16 2024.docx.pdf

PAC MINUTES February 13 2024.pdf

PAC MINUTES March 12 2024.pdf

2023/2024 EXECUTIVES:

PAC Co-Chairs: Kathy Tenta & Tim Bottomer

Treasurer: Rose Ngo 

Co-Secretaries: Shelley West & Mike Christian

Communications: Melissa Baker


School Year: Sept. 2022- June 2023

PAC Minutes September 2022 DRAFT.pdf

October 18, 2022 Minutes.pdf

 PAC Minutes November 2022.pdf

Minutes December 6, 2022(1).pdf

PAC Minutes January 10 2023.pdf


*March Meeting was held as a JUNE FAIR meeting

 April 11 2023 PAC Minutes.pdf 

May 16, 2023 PAC Minutes.pdf 

PAC Minutes June 6.docx.pdf

2022/2023 EXECUTIVES:

PAC Co-Chairs: Alexis Fluevog & Tim Bottomer

Treasurer: Rose Ngo

Co-Secretaries: Shelley West & Julia Ko


School Year: Sept. 2021- June 2022

PAC Minutes Sept 14 2021.pdf 

PAC Minutes Oct 12 2021.docx.pdf

PAC Minutes Nov 9th 2021.pdf

PAC Minutes Dec 14th 2021 (1).pdf

PAC Minutes January 18 2022.pdf

PAC Minutes February 22 2022.pdf

PAC Minutes March 29 2022.pdf

PAC Minutes April 19 2022.pdf

PAC Minutes May 17 2022.pdf

PAC Minutes June 14 2022.pdf

2021/2022 EXECUTIVES:

PAC Chair - Kathy Tenta

Treasurer - Julia Lu & Rose Ngo

Co-Secretaries - Bilyana Ward & Shelley West


School Year: Sept 2020- June 2021

PAC Minutes Sept 16 2020 zoom.pdf 

PAC Minutes Oct 14 2020.pdf

PAC minutes November 17 2020 online.pdf  

PAC Minutes December 9 2020.pdf 

PAC Minutes January 13 2021.pdf

PAC Minutes February 10 2021 online.pdf 

PAC Minutes March 10 2021.pdf

PAC Minutes April 14 2021 online.pdf 

PAC Minutes May 12 2021 online.docx.pdf

PAC Minutes June 9 2021 online (1).pdf


School Year: Sept 2019- June 2020


PAC Minutes Oct 9 2019 .pdf

PAC MINUTES nov 6 2019 .pdf 

Dec 4 2019 PAC Minutes.pdf 

PAC Treasurer Reports 2019 Dec.pdf

PAC agenda Jan 15 2020 posted online.pdf * MEETING WAS CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW

Lord Beaconsfield PAC Minutes- Feb 2020.docx

PAC agenda March 11 2020 online (1).docx *Quorum not met March 11th

March 11 meeting - non quorum due to low attendance

April 8th meeting - cancelled due to COVID-19

PAC Minutes May 13 2020 online.pdf  (zoom meeting online)

PAC minutes June 10 2020 online.pdf (zoom meeting online)


Each year the PAC applies for Gaming Grant funds for our school. These funds are to be used within 36 months of receipt. There are rules that apply to the allowed usage of these funds in the school and funds are intended for  the enhancement of extra-curricular opportunities for students K-12. 

Attached is a link to the PDF of information and explanation of usage for Gaming Funds:

Community Gaming Account for PACs.pdf

Our Constitution

Lord Beaconsfield School PAC Constitution Final 2013 PAC 100413 (PDF)

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