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Student Safety

The safety and security of students is our first priority. Supervision begins at 8:45am and finishes at 3:15pm each school day. During recess and lunch students are supervised by staff outside on the playground. 

Students are encouraged to always stay on school property, to be vigilant about not speaking with strangers, and report anything out of the ordinary to an adult on site. Visitors are asked to report to the office and sign in.

We encourage families to frequently review safety strategies in an age appropriate manner with their children.

Erase Report it Tool 

Students throughout BC now have the ability to anonymously report anything that they have seen, heard, or experienced that is worrisome and/or concerning to them. 

It can be found at  

Promoting the “See Something, Say Something, We Will Do Something” culture to students in our schools will help ensure we foster safe and caring school communities.

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