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Literacy Links
Starfall: Reading practice K-2 website
Read Write Think: Reading and writing activities website
BookFlix: Username:39be | Password: library website
Storyline Online: Listen to reading and related activities... website
StoryBuilder: Create your own story website
Into The Book: Review your Reading Powers... website
Wordle: Great for projects and title pages... website
Reading A-Z: website
Literacy Shed: Visual stories website
Online Dictionary website
Typing Skills website
Yahoo Kids website
Teen Magazine website

Numeracy Links

Math Is Fun: website
Create A Graph: website
Cool Math 4 Kids: website
FunBrain: General education

Math Cats: website

Science Links

Kids Health: website
PBS Kids: A collection of educational sites... website
Webweather for kids: website
Science for Kids: website
Discovery Kids: website

Social Studies Links

culturegram: Username:39be | Password: library | website
National Geographic for Kids: website
WorldBook Kids: Online Encylopedia | Username: 39be | Password: library | website
Virtual Museum: website
News for Youth: website

Fine Art Links

Tate Museum Games: Play games and activities while learning about fine art. website
Kerpoof: Creating and drawing site... website
Mr. PicassoHead: website
NFB Kids: Develop your animation skills... website
The Kidz Page: Drawing, Jigsaw puzzles, and

A Bit of Everything

BrainPop Jr.: website
Enchanted Learning: All subjects... website
Computer Lab Favorites: All subjects... website
Project Chef: Chef Barb and her team will be visiting Beaconsfield this year! website

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