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Code of Conduct - Consequences

Throughout their years in elementary school, it is understood that students will show increasing maturity, self-responsibility, decision-making ability, and leadership.  When considering appropriate consequences for unacceptable conduct, the school will take many factors into consideration: the severity and frequency of the actions as well as the age and maturity of the students.  As far as possible, we will ensure that responses to less serious and serious behaviors are pre-planned, consistent, and fair.  Disciplinary action is intended to be preventative & restorative rather than punitive.

The following misbehaviors are considered serious and will result in parents and possibly others (police, MCFD, etc.) being contacted and appropriate consequences (including suspension) being assigned:

  1. Physically assaulting others
  2. Bullying, using threats, extortion, intimidation or harassment: (including internet)
  3. Interfering with or willfully damaging school property or the property of others
  4. Being in possession of or bringing to school inherently dangerous or noxious articles.  This includes knives, lighters/matches, replica weapons and martial arts weapons.
  5. Tampering with or falsely activating fire alarm, being in possession of matches or lighters or being an accessory to lighting fires at school
  6. Behaving in a way which is unsafe to themselves or others
  7. Using language that offends by race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, colour, place of origin, religion, family/marital status, physical/mental disabilities

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