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Additional Student Supports

Learning Support Team

The students at Norma Rose Point have access to additional teaching support from a school based learning support teacher, as needed.  Students who have been identified with a Ministry number/designation have undergone psycho-educational assessments.  These assessments have indicated specific educational needs to qualify them for additional learning support and an individualized education plan.  


School-Based Team

Norma Rose Point has a School-Based Team (SBT), which consists of the principal, learning support teachers, school counsellor and the referring classroom teacher.  The SBT usually meets every week. Other specialists (such as a speech language pathologist, educational psychologist or consultants) may also be present depending on the needs and relationship to the student being discussed.  The purpose of these team meetings is to share knowledge about children with educational and social/emotional needs, to access area, district, and community support as needed, to assess and evaluate student progress, and to assist with designing strategies to meet needs and to document the needs and support provided for the student.  Referrals to SBT are made through any of the team members in consultation with the classroom teacher.


If all of the school-based supports available have been offered over a consistent period of time and a student continues to have learning difficulties, then a request for a formal assessment of the student’s learning potential and performance (a psycho-educational assessment) may be requested.  This request for assessment usually involves a VSB psychologist and speech and language pathologist.


School Counsellor 

Norma Rose Point provides the services of a school counsellor who works with the students, parents and teachers, and is liaison between the school and district services. The counsellor is at Norma Rose Point daily, Monday through Friday. Students are most often referred by their classroom teacher. Parents may request an appointment with the counsellor:

Amanda Botic    

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