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Choir and Band

Students may take part in the Rose Point Choir, offered through the Music program.


Field Trips

Field trips are a means of enhancing the program offered in the classroom.  Prior to any field trip, parents are notified in writing of the details of the planned trip.  Before students are permitted to take part in a field trip, they must have written consent from the parent or guardian.  Volunteer drivers are also required to fill out a “Third Party Liability” form for insurance purposes.


Parents are generally asked to subsidize field trip expenses.  However, the VSB policy ensures that no student will miss the opportunity to take part in a field trip for financial reasons.


French as a Second Language (FSL)

French as a second language is currently taught to Grades 5 to 7 students.  The emphasis of the program is to provide opportunities for the learners to develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, to learn basic French, and to gain confidence in his/her own abilities as a learner and as a user of the French language.

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