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Hot Lunch Program

The popular Hot Lunch Program with C’est Mon Café is currently running. This program is both a service to families as well as a fundraising effort to support our children.

Our PAC Hot Lunch Program is running twice weekly on Wednesday & Thursday and may be expanding to more days.

Our vendor of choice to provide lunches is C’est Mon café who have an extensive list to choose from, including vegetarian meals. They update their menu choices each September and February. If you are interested in not having to make lunch for your child, please read on as the ordering page is now live.


Helpful Guide when placing lunch orders:

  1. Our Hot Lunch Days are Wednesday & Thursday
    1. Last orders are night before at 6pm
  2. $7 per meal per child
  3. Our vendor is C’est Mon Café and you can place your order on their web page C'est Mon Cafe
    1. Landing Page, where you can select
      1. Order – View what’s on the menu and order page
      2. Change – Amend or cancel and existing order
      3. Instructions – Procedure guide on ordering and payments
    2. Ordering Page
      1. Enter your “contact details
      2. Enter your “child details
      3. Add “Payee’s name” (name of person paying for meal)
      4. Make your meal selections
      5. Add a “Unique ID” (This is required to assist the vendor to match up payments for each child. ie “JohnDoe Sep-Jan 2023”)
      6. Add “Discount Code” - Financial Assistance – for details contact Vice Principle Doug Park (confidential)
  4. Repeat for each additional child
  5. After submitting your order. Please E-Transfer payment direct to the vendor to complete the ordering process

Important – Payments to C’est Mon Cafe

Funds must be E-Transferred to in order to complete the ordering process. This should be actioned ASAP to ensure your child receives their meal.


Caveat: VSB Food Guidelines

As COVID-19 has evolved, so have the guidelines for how Hot Lunch Programs can operate throughout the school district. Your PAC Team has worked closely with the school and vendor to ensure that we meet those guidelines. However, we must be flexible and further changes to the program may be necessary from time to time. To date, those changes have been of an administrative and operational nature with no visible impact to your child or yourselves


Important - Reference

  • Absent on a Hot Lunch Day – Our policy for is to redistribute unclaimed lunches to students that have a need, in order to reduce waste. The exception is where families have advised the school that they will pick up the lunch (Lunches will be dated and placed in teacher’s freezer for one week prior to composting)
  • Division – When ordering your child’s lunch, please ensure you have the correct Division entered. Lunches are delivered to each classroom, based on Division numbers and then distributed to each child
  • Spare lunches - Each Hot Lunch Day, the vendor provides some additional spare lunches to cater for any little mishaps. If your child is missing their lunch or drops their lunch, please encourage them to speak to the teacher so the lunch can be replaced with what is available
  • Dietary/other Requirements – Please contact the vendor directly for specific changes or requirements to your child’s lunch order
  • Utensils - Please remember to pack utensils for your child’s lunch. We only have a limited number of spare utensils for those that forget
  • Financial Assistance - As a reminder, if you would like to participate in the Hot Lunch Program but are in need of financial assistance, please email the Vice Principal, Doug Park, at (All request will be treated confidently)


We look forward to continuing the successful Hot Lunch Program in 2023/2024. If you have any questions or comments about the Hot Lunch Program, please contact the PAC via email - (indicating "Hot Lunch" as your subject).

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