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About Us

Shaughnessy Elementary School is located in the heart of the Shaughnessy neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia. The school opened in 1920 as Prince of Wales Elementary and Secondary School. Additional wings were added to the school in 1922. In 1960, the current Prince of Wales Secondary School was opened and the school was renamed Shaughnessy Elementary after its neighbourhood. The school’s interior was fully remodeled and updated to seismic standard in 1998.

Shaughnessy Elementary School is a heritage building and serves students from Kindergarten to Grade Seven. Shaughnessy’s student population is representative of the diversity of our community. Sixty percent of our students were born in Canada with the remainder originating mainly from Asian countries. English is the primary language spoken at home for approximately fifty percent of our students. Chinese and Korean are the second and third most widely spoken languages at home. Approximately thirty percent of our students receive English Language Learner support. In addition, Ministry Designated students are integrated into the regular classrooms. These students require a wide variety of program supports which are provided by five Resource Teachers and six School, Student, Support Staff (SSSWs). A resource team model supports staff and students. Along with all other Vancouver schools, our school supports the district’s Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement. Throughout the grades, we incorporate Aboriginal content in a variety of curriculum areas. 

Shaughnessy’s students are diverse, successful and well supported by teachers, support staff and parents. According to classroom, school and district data the majority of our students meet or exceed expectations in all major subject areas. A dedicated staff of teachers and support staff work together to provide rigorous academic, social, sports and music programs for all students.

Our vision of success for learning is that each of our students becomes an independent, responsible, confident learner willing to think critically, take risks and solve problems peacefully in all aspects of life.

The school motto is "Act Respectfully, Act Responsibly, Act Safely". As well, we have a school Code of Conduct which provides in-depth information regarding expectations and consequences for student behaviour.

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