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About Us


Shaughnessy Elementary School, a heritage site built in 1919, provides education for 442 students in kindergarten through grade 7. The diverse student body represents many languages spoken within the Vancouver community, with 39% classified as English Language Learners (ELL). Students with special education designations are integrated into classrooms and receive assistance from resource teachers and support staff (SSAs). As a staff, we follow the district's Education Plan 2026, which emphasizes student achievement, well-being, inclusivity, and acknowledgment of Indigenous histories.

Students demonstrate excellent academic performance in school-based and provincial assessments – 73% meet or exceed numeracy expectations and 60% excel in literacy. Shaughnessy’s dedicated staff oversee this achievement with a commitment to delivering a comprehensive education including enriched academic, sports, and fine arts programs. The fine arts curriculum nurtures the exploration and mastery of students’ talents by incorporating drama, visual arts, and music. Shaughnessy’s music programs offer opportunities in bucket drumming, singing, recorder, ukulele, concert band, lunchtime chamber choir and chamber orchestra.

Offering an array of extracurricular activities, we value engagement beyond the classroom. We encourage students to take a leadership role in safety patrol, library monitor, peer helper, classroom big buddies, as well as positions in clubs and sports teams, all of which foster personal growth and positive contributions to the school community. Through these opportunities, Shaughnessy students are building capacity to act respectfully, responsibly, and safely at school and within the broader community.

Thanks to the support and generosity of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and their fundraising endeavors, students benefit from enhanced programs including dance, gymnastics, visits from local performers and authors, and field trips. In addition, Shaughnessy PAC organizes a variety of school events such as the Family Dance, Movie Night, Family Picnic, and International Cuisine Day to bring the community together.

In our commitment to student success, we focus on literacy, numeracy, social-emotional learning, and our journey of reconciliation with First Nations. Through a collaborative approach, Shaughnessy Elementary School aims to instill in all students a love of learning with a resilient and adaptable mindset that will enable them to reach their full potential.

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