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Meal Programs

The Simon Fraser Lunch Program provided by C’est Mon Cafe (CMC) is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays beginning September 16, 2019.  This is an affordable and accessible program available to our students at a cost of $5.20 (incl. tax) per meal. You may pick and choose which dates you want to order hot lunch. There is no obligation to order any or all meals. Online ordering is through (Link on PAC website) and will begin on September 6, 2019.  Review guidelines and example on CMC website carefully BEFORE you make any payments please. You must SUBMIT and PAY for each child individually before clicking RESET CART for the next child. 

We ask that you please order your child’s meals in advance at least one month at a time to keep costs down and avoid incurring unnecessary fees. Please remember to cancel your child's lunch if they go on a field trip - it may take a couple of weeks for the refund to be returned to you. Payment will only be accepted via Paypal (no account needed) or Interac Email Transfer to Please email for any inquiries regarding the CMC school lunch program, or if you wish to be a volunteer lunch supervisor for this program. Alternating Thursdays will be PAC fundraiser Pizza or Sushi lunches available to order through Munch a Lunch.

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