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Our Staff

Enrolling Staff List 2023-2024

01Mr. Liam Arbuckle7104
02Ms. Alison Joe6/7110
03Ms. Melanie Sheppard5/6107
04Mr. Derek Soong5108
05Ms. Janet Lee4106
06Ms. Meena Mann3/4109
07Ms. Panorea Anglis2/35
08Ms. Melanie Finch-Cowie2/34
09Ms. Raman Dhaliwal1/27
10Ms. Arwyn King / Mx. Jennifer Ivings1/26
11Ms. Jane Hughes110
12KMs. Gurpreet GillKF111
13KMs. Nicole WongKF8


Mrs. Vickie Chong, Ms. Amanda Ramharakh, Ms. Fiona Macfarlane


Ms. Ciara Kelly


Ms. Andrea Healey

School Counsellor:

Mr. Milo Wu

Support Staff:

Ms. Kim, Ms. Sunner,  Ms. Islam, Ms. Hannah, Ms. Mary, Ms. Brenda, Ms. Morgan-Chan, Ms. Rita, and Ms. Crystal. 


Mr. Ronal Dayal and Mr. John Lee

Supervision Aides:

Ms. Leanne Guenter and Ms. Peggy Chan

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher:

Ms. Mary-Ann Livesey

District Vision Teacher:

Ms. Rita Shouls

Office Staff

Ms. Angela Stewart (Principal)

Ms. Amy Tang (OAA) 

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