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About Us

Sir James Douglas Elementary School is situated on the south-east slope of Vancouver. The school currently enrolls 510 students and we serve students enrolled our English program and students in the French Immersion program. Our French Immersion students attend Sir James Douglas Annex, the primary school nearby, for Kindergarten through Grade 3 and then transfer to our school for grades 4 through 7. We are part of the David Thompson Secondary family of schools for our English students and the Sir Winston Churchill Secondary family of schools for our French Immersion students.

The teachers are very committed to providing a wide variety of learning experiences for all of our students. Many of our students receive support to learn English as a second language and some of our students are Aboriginal. Sir James Douglas is a vibrant and caring school where the staff work together to create an environment that is based upon respect. Our school code of conduct reminds our students to: Show You Care, Be Safe, Be Fair.

Our school has a strong partnership with the Fraserview Boys and Girls Club which is situated across from the school. Douglas also offers many extra-curricular programs and school experiences that are designed to enhance student learning such as:

  • Participation in the after school programs offered by our Community Schools Team
  • Intermediate band program to enhance the fine arts program
  • Opportunities to work with Artists-in-Residence
  • Outdoor education experiences for grade 7s
  • Quebec cultural exchange for grade 7 French Immersion students.
  • Interschool athletic programs including: cross country running, soccer, volleyball, track and field and basketball

Opportunities for student leadership allow the students to shape our school culture and actively exercise their rights and responsibilities. Student-led announcements and assemblies, the Playground Helper Program, environmental stewardship, the Crossing Guard program and participation in activities with younger/older ‘buddies’ are all ways that students demonstrate leadership at Sir James Douglas School.

The school has a very active Parent Advisory Council that coordinates many social and fund raising activities for the school. The parents’ participation is a vital component in creating a positive school culture at Sir James Douglas Elementary School.

The school community looks forward to moving into the new Sir James Douglas School which is scheduled to open in the late spring/summer of 2013.

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