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Library / Learning Commons

Sir James Douglas Library is a bright, cozy space that is the heart of our school.  Students and their families are always welcome to come in both before and after school to read, exchange books, do school work and chat.

Parents and grandparents are encouraged to borrow books to read with  their children and grandchildren.  Drop by the library and ask Mme. Z ( or Mrs. Dhillon on Thursdays) to set you up as a borrower.  The normal loan period for library books is two weeks.  New books are displayed for one week in the glass cabinet outside the library and are available for sign out the following Wednesday.

The library is often bustling with activity after school with Community School Team programs or the homework club run on Wednesdays and Fridays by volunteer students from David Phtompson Secondary School.

Please come to the library.  We look forward to  meeting you and sharing our wonderful space!

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