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Parent Advisory Council

Our school Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) welcomes all parents. All parents and guardians of students registered in the school can participate as a member of PAC if they  choose to. The purpose of the PAC is to bring parents and staff together to accomplish goals that will enhance our children's school experience and that will create a closer, stronger community. You are invited to attend meetings  which are held the second Tuesday of each month and posted on the calendar. When you join PAC you decide how much time you can give. To learn more about how to get involved, visit the school PAC at the link below. Join our FaceBook Group "Sir Matthew Begbie PAC" or email the PAC directly at


Dear Begbie parent community,

At this unprecedented time, we want to remind you that the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is here to support our school community in any way we can. At this time we are hoping we can be:

- a link for parents to support each other

- an aid to communicate with our school staff and teachers

- a solid source of information with up-to-date news regarding steps forward through this pandemic, and also about the construction of our new building.

For PAC to be successful in achieving these goals, we need to be able to reach you. We currently have the e-mails of about 30% of our parent community. If you haven't shared your e-mail with us yet, please send it to us at this time to or follow this link to our website ( This will give us consent to send you Begbie PAC messages.

You can also check our website or follow our Facebook group for latest news. Website:

And last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude and admiration to all the first responders, health and medical workers, and essential workers that are risking their own well-being to ensure the safety and health of our community during this COVID19 pandemic. To all of you THANK YOU!

Remember, PAC is your voice. We are stronger together.

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