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Me to We Activities

  • Time commitment - varies throughout the year
"The Laurier ME to We commitee stuck to the motto "We Create Change". Throughout this school year we helped children and adults worldwide. Laurier students, both members and non-members of Me to We participated in several fundrasers to create change. Earlier this year we took part in We Day at Rogers Arena and were moved by how much effort and heart was put into this amazing organization. We were instantly recruited to raise awareness of the drought facing many nations, poverty in our own country, and the fact that all of us can make a difference.
Early in October we strarted our next project called "We SCARE HUNGER" which was a food drive. The proceeds were donated to the Vancouver Food Bank. In total, we collected nearly 500 pounds of food. We were proud of our work and glad to help the Vancouver society.
We participated in the Free the Children Penny Drive. Every class at Laurier received a bag to fill with pennies- one bag of pennies ($25) would provide water for one person for their lifetime. During the proccess, several members of the group took part in designing and hanging posters around the school while others wrote and made anouncements to the school. The Laurier community contributed 32,500 pennies! The most recent fund raising activity was for the Bokeo Development Fund, an organization that helps villages in Laos build sanitation facilities. ( To raise money we sold freezies and raised $1096.00.
Although all of this year's hard work was for people we had never met and would probably never meet, and we enjoyed helping people in our community, our country and our world. Being in the ME to WE is a commitment and a privilege. Everybody should have a chance to be in this special club and to feel important because what we do can change the world." 

- Caprice Eldridge Div 1, Grade 7

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