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Specialty Programs

Early Intervention:

Tecumseh Annex is one of 31 schools in Vancouver to offer Early Intervention and Reading Recovery. The classroom teachers work in partnership with the Early Intervention Reading Specialist to dramatically improve the reading and writing development of our students.  For more information on this program please click here: early-intervention-methods-help-young-readers 

Social Responsibility:

At Tecumseh Annex we believe in the development of the whole child - mind, body and spirit. Our teachers, Kindergarten through Grade 3, teach specific skills that help children develop their own social and emotional learning. Through the delivery of programs such as Second Step each child has the opportunity to develop skills in self awareness, responsible decision-making, social awareness, and self-management.

Primary Music:

At Tecumseh Annex we offer primary music to all grades. Through the teaching of music and movement the entire school works towards putting on numerous performances throughout the year.

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