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Meal Programs

Breakfast program

Thunderbird is able to provide students and parents with breakfast each morning. Breakfast is served from 8:15am to 8:40am each morning. Students who come early and finish their breakfast will be supervised in the library.

Hot Lunch Program

Thunderbird is able to provide parents with the option of a hot lunch program. The Vancouver School board believes that sound nutritional practices help children be successful at school. A subsidy is available for those families who are unable to pay the full monthly cost of the Lunch Program.

All menus are prepared following the Ministry of Education nutritional guidelines for Healthy Eating at schools. The School Lunch program does not provide special diets. The only food available is on the daily menu. Please report any specific food allergies to the school office. Parents should review menu choices specific to their child’s dietary restrictions and ensure their child is aware of any food items he/she should not be eating.

Students who participate in the program must hand in the Permission Form signed by a parent.

Monthly menu is available to view on this page

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