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About the library program

Goal of Brock Library Learning Commons Program:

Brock’s Library Learning Commons fosters confident lifelong learners who are enthusiastic readers, skillful inquirers and critical thinkers. Brock Library is a collaborative, inclusive, and innovative learning space that cultivates responsible and ethical users of ideas and information.

Here are some documents that explain and support the Brock Library program:

BRK - LLC - Brock LLC SWOT Analysis - Fall 2019.pdf

BRK - LLC - Strategic Plan 2020.pdf

Brock Library Year End Report 2019-20.pdf

BRK - LLC - Annual Operational Plan 2021-22.pdf

BRK - LLC - Titlewise Collection Analysis - 2022-01.pdf

Here are some VSB Board procedures that guide some of the work at Brock Library:

Administrative Procedure 251 - Selection of Learning Resources

Administrative Procedure 252 - Learning Resources Challenged Materials

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