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Initial, Minor Problems:

  • Discussion with student to identify better choices
  • Referral to classroom teacher
  • Possible short time out

More Serious or Repetitive Behaviour:

  • Meeting with teacher/principal
  • Call to parents
  • Record of incident kept
  • Written apology
  • Time out/loss of privileges
  • Community service

Serious Misbehaviour:

  • Meeting with Principal
  • Parents informed
  • Record of incident
  • VSB officials, agencies contacted as needed
  • Possible in-school/out of school suspension

Consequences are intended to teach students more appropriate behaviour and are restorative rather than punitive whenever possible.  Special considerations may apply if a student is unable to comply with the expectations due to having a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, or behavioural nature.   <="" span="">>span >prevent retaliation against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of the Code of Conduct.  There is a progression of expectations held for students as they become older, more mature and move through successive grades. 

In accordance with the School Act, Sec. 85(2)(ii) and (d), the Board authorizes the Principal or designate of any school in the district to suspend a student from attendance at the school for up to five days.

Suspensions may be for the following reasons:

  • Because a student is willfully and repeatedly disrespectful to a teacher or to any other employee of the Board carrying out responsibilities approved by the Board.
  • Because the behaviour of the student breaches the District Code of Conduct or policy and/or has a harmful effect on others or the learning environment of the school.
  • Because the student has failed to comply with the School Code of Conduct.
  • Suspensions over five days are made in consultation with the appropriate Director of Instruction as per District Policy.

Who You Can Call For Assistance?

  • Your child's teacher (604-713-5245)
  • Mrs. Paget, Principal (604-713-5245)
  • Mr.  Haydon,  Area Counsellor (604-713-5245
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