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Earth School Programs

Students are engaging in experiential learning to build their connection with the Earth.  School-wide, year-long earth themes - Water, Earth, Sky, Forest - will allow students to understand the complexity of the Earth and their place within the environment.  Students engage in stewardship of the land through regular work in the school garden.  Student community service helps develop social responsibility and a greater sense of connection to others.  Integrating the prescribed learning outcomes with Earth learning gives students opportunities to investigate relationships linking individuals, societies and natural surroundings.

We are in our first year of the Earth School Concept focusing on the theme - Water.

Our goal is to provide an environment for children and families to actively engage with the Earth and each other to become self-reliant individuals who understand their responsibilities as global citizens.

Through public consultation, we are looking at the following projects:

1.  Revitalization of the Ethno-Botanical Garden

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