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Community Garden

The Grandview Community Garden project has improved the quality of life for children in our neighbourhood. It also functions as a living laboratory and a model of an urban ecological school yard. This is a multi-generational place for children and people of all ages in the community to learn to live more sustainably in the urban environment. Ultimately, our mission is to create a healthier, positive neighbourhood environment to improve the community as a whole. 

One acre school grounds were planned and planted by students ages 3 to 13 with their teachers, parents and adult mentors. Tracy Penner, BLA, designed the site based on the ideas and wishes of the children, teachers, parents and neighbours. It features native plants and sustainable water use with swales and a dissipation pond to keep rain on site, out of sewers. 

The Longhouse with totem poles carved by our elder Ramona Gus and painted by all the students are used as a community gathering site and outdoor classroom.  Students climb the Mound and roll down to the dissipation pond  where they make dams and rivers when it rains. Students painted the 'River of Life' and 'Mosaic Gateway' murals (Spring 2002) that adorn our school walls and grounds. 

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