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The District believes that the education of students is a shared responsibility among its employees, parents and members of the community. The active involvement of volunteers has the potential to provide considerable benefit to students and enhance communication and positive relationships between the school and community.

While the District encourages the use of volunteers in District schools, it expects that use of volunteers will be subject to all relevant provisions in legislation, including the School Act, collective agreements, Board policies and administrative procedures.

Volunteers can be of valuable assistance to school staff in support of school activities. Involvement of volunteers is, therefore, encouraged in activities for which the volunteer is qualified, and which do not interfere with or replace employees preforming their regular duties.

When there are volunteers needed, staff at École Jules Quesnel will make a call out. Some teachers may ask for volunteers more frequently than others. All adults who will be interacting with our students indoors, outdoors, and during sports activities must refer to the guidelines linked below. 

All volunteers must read the VBE Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Students linked below and sign the VBE Volunteer Conduct Agreement linked below and submit it to their child's teacher or the office.

Volunteer drivers must complete and turn in the Volunteer Drivers Form linked below and include a copy of their driver's licence.

Thank you for keeping our students safe.

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