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Teaching and Learning

JQ has access to TapTouche, an online French typing program. Teachers using this program will be setting up their classes and share more information shortly. 

Changing to a French keyboard
Go to Language settings
Add a Preferred Language
Add Français (Canada) – Canadian Multilingual Standard


Tap Touche

Le TOP franco est de retour. While we are learning away from our physical school, le TOP franco is coming to you. Grade 6 students Seppy and Spencer will be redacting the presentation of each new song. Every Friday, the song for the following week will be posted on the Topfranco2019 website. You will also be able to access the lyrics under the Resources on the left hand side. You are invited to learn the song, to record yourself singing or dancing to it and to share it with Mme Eve. If you have any questions, or thoughts,  connect with Mme Eve. 

Tech Corner
TEAMS Classrooms is the safe classroom our school district has set in place for us to use. In the Resources area, you may consult some documents to help you set it up and troubleshoot. We are all there to support you and our learners; we are all learning together. Reach out if you need extra support. 
You may also want to consult the Microsoft Teams video training - Office Support.



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Navigating Teams guide for students

Microsoft Teams Classroom Quick Guide For Students and Parents

Teams QS

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