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COVID-10 Relief Grant: Bog life & Butterflyway ART with Mary Jane, Sept 2020
Before the end of the school year, Mary Jane Muir, an incredible artist who was one of our Supervision Aid suggested a project to connect JQ's interest for nature, investment in the Butterflyway, and their inspiration to create art. We have applied for a Grant and obtained it. Alongside PAC and school funds, we have created sketch books for all Grade 1-7 and will use the funds to acquire specific art supplies. Mary Jane has created the first teaching document as well as her first two video tutorials. Enjoy wanders in nature and be inspired. 

The Owl

The Flowers

Continuation of Learning, April 2020

During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic families and guardians will not be homeschooling, they will be supporting their child(ren) from home while they continue learning. Our teachers and staff are the educators in charge of instruction. Child(ren) will be supported and so will be the caregivers.  Our District plan for continuity of learning is now available. Make sure to consult this website for guidance to navigate this new context of learning.

We are all in this together. 

Butterflyway, Sept 2019-June 2020

Melissa Haynes brought a vision to JQ. Inspired and supported by Butterflyway, we revitalized numerous areas of unused grounds around the school and transformed them into pollinators gardens. Students and teachers joined together to dig, plant, support, and observe nature's beauty. Insects hotels were built with Melissa and students spent the year observing them and identifying insects living in and around them. Two truck load of mulch was also diverted from the landfill during the school year which benefitted both our gardens and our community's. The vegetable gardens have also grown positively with the increased presence of pollinators! Students prepared letters to canvass the community, inviting neighbours to build a Butterflyway garden, creating a highway for pollinators; 70 new gardens were built through this initiative. It is just the beginning. 


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