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About Us

Carleton students are actively engaged in supporting and following our school’s Code of Conduct: At Carleton we CARE; we care about ourselves, we care about others, and we care about this place. A caring, supportive learning environment exists at Carleton School in which each student is expected to be responsible for their own behaviour and learning. Our school song, At Carleton We Care, is sung at the end of every school assembly. The staff at Carleton School encourage students to respect the rights of students to learn without interference, follow instructions promptly and cooperatively, act in a way that is safe for themselves and others and to be courteous, cooperative and considerate towards all members of our school community. Again, this Code of Conduct is reflected perfectly in the many ways students carry themselves within the Cunningham community. Carleton also offers students the opportunity to participate in a cold lunch program (for families experiencing financial hardship) and provides transportation for all students to and from Cunningham school. Our Youth and Family Worker and school counsellor also work diligently with our vulnerable students, ensuring their emotional needs are met, in addition to securing programs and funding to attend afterschool programs and lessons as well as Spring Break and Summer camps.

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