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Our Staff


Adrienne Stewardson Principal

L. Eppler Office Administrative Assistant

J. Franco Division 1 Grade 6/7

D. Mannella  Division 2  Grade 4/5

M. Bernard Division 3 Grade 2/3

H. Welwyn Division 4S Grade 5/6/7  Support Team: P. Varley and C. Quiocho

K. Bernauer  Division 5  Grade 1

E. Yoshida  Division 6 Kindergarten

J. Johnston Resource

T. Schwartz Resource/Prep

M. Bilg Library/Prep

E. Redmond Student Support Worker

J. Brand Student Support Worker

J. Inestroza Student Support Worker

J. Allen Counsellor

B. Hobbs Youth and Family Worker

M. Nezezon Supervision Aid

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