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School History

Sir Guy Carleton has a very long and historically significant story as it has been part of the Collingwood community for over 100 years. The school began as a two-room school house. The school site located at the corner of Kingsway and Joyce in East Vancouver, now houses four Heritage buildings, each steeped in history and emotion and embraced by a very strong community. Carleton has also seen its share of hardship. It has experienced two fires and was recommended for closure twice due to declining enrollment. The 740 students once on site in 2000 slowly decreased to 380 students in 2010 before falling to 274 students in 2015. After the fire, enrolment fell even further.  On a positive note, the Green Thumb Theatre recently secured an arrangement with the school board and currently occupies the two oldest buildings located on the west side of the property. The original Frame building now occupied by the theater dates back to 1896. 

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