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About Us

Osler School has a population of approximately 220 students from Kindergarten to Grade Seven. Osler is one of the VSB schools that have a high demand for cross boundary placements. For at least six years, approximately one third of our students have been from out of the catchment area. 

The multi-cultural heritage in the school is diverse. Many of our students are English speaking but many of them are conversant in their first languages which cover a range from - Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Punjabi, and French. Approximately 25 % of students need and are receiving ELL support. 

The school actively works with students and parents, who have very high expectations of academic success. We also work very hard at integrating any Special Needs students that we have attending Osler. The Osler staff continues to be dedicated in improving the Literacy levels of our student population and the staff have also worked in collaboration groups focusing on Reading and Math. The students also regularly excel in Mathematics. 

We are committed to developing well rounded students in a challenging, caring and healthy environment. The music program, which is now organized and managed by a volunteer, is an exceptional opportunity for students in the Senior Choir and the Band. Osler teams participate in a variety of sports. As well, student leadership is a focus as they work on school, local, and international initiatives. 

Our learning community is very proud of the full sized air conditioned computer lab adjoining the library as well as all classrooms being equipped with Smart Boards, thanks to our parent group. Staff, students and parents have expressed great satisfaction with the increased access to technology which has allowed students to fully meet the learning outcomes for Technology, as well as the Prescribed Learning Outcomes in other subjects requiring research or access to assistive technologies. We continue to work on accessing and acquiring different forms of technology such as the use of IPads. 

In September 2013, we welcomed two Multi-Age Cluster Classrooms (MACC) to the school. There is a Grade 4/5 and Grade 6/7 class.

Osler School is situated between West 43rd Avenue and West 45th Avenue, just east of Selkirk Street with Montgomery Park as our eastern border. We are surrounded by a quiet neighbourhood of well-maintained single family homes.

The motto of the school is 'OSLER CARES' (Cooperation, Achievement, Respect, Everyone, Safety).

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