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How can I get involved at Osler?

What is the OPG?

  • The OPG, also known as the Osler Parent Group, is Sir William Osler Elementary School’s PAC or Parent Advisory Council. 
  • The OPG is made up of volunteer parents and guardians of students attending Osler Elementary School.

What does the OPG do?

  • Our main purpose is to enhance the educational experience of all the students attending Osler. 
  • We raise funds to help subsidize activities and make purchases for the school. We’ve accomplished and currently funding the following: 
    • enhanced our technology by purchasing Smart Boards, 30 iPad Minis, and new computers for the Library 
    • subsidizing cultural, theatrical, and musical presentations 
    • subsidizing field trips and other educational outings 
    • supplementing classroom learning resources and sports equipment 
    • sponsoring internet safety and sexual health education workshops 
    • expanding our library collection 
    • rebuilding the school playground 
    • purchasing Earthquake Kits providing water for the Terry Fox Run and Sport’s Day
  • At this time, we are raising funds through our Tuesday Hot Lunch Program, the Store Cards Fundraiser, Bake Sales, and through Direct Donations. We welcome your ideas and your help with our fundraising efforts.
  • We also organize school community building events such as the Hallowe’en Spooktacular Carnival and the OPG Dance.

Who can be a part of the OPG? How can I get involved?

  • You already are. As a parent or guardian of a student who is currently registered at Sir William Osler Elementary, you are already part of the OPG. 
  • We welcome and encourage you to sign-up and volunteer your time for the many events and activities, share your ideas on how to make Osler a better place to learn, attend the meetings, and most of all, have fun participating at the many school events!

We need your help! Let’s work together to make Osler Elementary an even better place for learning!


什么是 OPG?

  • OPG是 Osler Parent Group的简称, 就是 Osler小学家长委员会
  • OPG是由学校的家长和监护人志愿者组成。

OPG 学校家长会是负责什么的?

  • 我们是由家长和监护人组成的非营利性质的学校义工组织。这个机构成立的主要目的是通过家长的参与,财务和其它方面的支持,促进学校教学项目的开展,更新学校教学设备,使学校教学品质得以提高。
  • 我们组织筹款活动以补贴学校很多活动的开展,如:
    • 增加学校教学设备:如显微镜,及每个班级老师教学用品
    • 体育用品及运动会奖品:如Terry Fox筹款跑步活动的饮用水,田径队设备等。
    • 文化与艺术活动:如Osler之夜,厨师与烹饪,奖学金,购买乐谱架,资助乐队旅行
    • 学生实地考察旅行:资助旅行校车,
    • 计算机及软件更新:每个班级的智能教学板,图书馆计算机更新
    • 增加图书馆的收藏
    • 重建学校的操场
    • 购买地震应急物品
  • 目前我们正在进行筹款活动是“周二热午餐项目”,“购物卡筹款”,“烘焙义卖”和直接捐款。我们欢迎您的帮忙和建议。
  • 我们同样组织学校社区设立不同的活动,比如“万圣节狂欢”和“OPG舞会”。




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