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Multi-Age Cluster Class

Special Education - Elementary

Student Group: Special Education

This district class provides academic challenge and social-emotional support for highly gifted elementary students through a intellectual peer group and conceptually advanced curriculum.

Students participate in an interdisciplinary program designed to challenge and develop the depth and breadth of the student’s critical and creative thinking abilities utilizing a diverse range of higher level thinking models. Reflection on individual learning style, social emotional development, the nature of excellence and group dynamic are integral parts of the curriculum. Defining personal interests and individual goals and demonstrating a personal work ethic are important aspects of the classroom experience.


Grade 5-7 students will be considered for the class based on skill development, cognitive abilities, intellectual interests, creativity, and emotional maturity. Minimum criteria typically include:

  • Reading and mathematic skills two or more grades above grade level
  • Two plus standard deviations above the mean on cognitive ability test
  • Demonstrated ability to focus on tasks, enjoyment of complexity and marked motivation to learn quickly and to learn advanced level material.
  • Students can expect to work with intermediate level curriculum.


Referrals are reviewed by a Screening Committee. 


  • MACC referral form
  • psychological assessment (if available)
  • School Based Team need assessment form


Students are reviewed on a regular basis and if a change in placement is recommended a referral is submitted to the Screening Committee.


  • Grades 5 to 7 
  • 1 Teacher
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