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About Us

Vancouver Alternate Secondary School (VASS)

The Vancouver School Board has a total of 19 programs which are grounded in a culture of belonging. Both Alternate and Alternative programs help support the basic needs of young people (i.e., social-emotional learning, differentiated instruction, food security, housing, and community services). All VASS programs are created to help students achieve a Dogwood Diploma or Adult Graduation Diploma.

Two streams of programming:

Alternate: Inter-agency programs that are co-facilitated by the VSB and various agencies such as MCFD, UNYA, PLEA, PCRS, MILIEU. These programs require a MCFD Social Worker or Youth Justice referral – school staff do not have direct access to refer students to these programs. 

Alternative: VSB programs are attached to a secondary school or to VASS. Please go to Apply to complete the application process.

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