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Program Description

Streetfront is an active alternative program located on the northwest corner of the Britannia Secondary School site.  There is a strong physical aspect to the curriculum: running three times a week, regular gym sessions, swimming and weight training, along with hiking, camping, canoeing, and Nordic skiing.  Students must be willing and able to fully participate in all activities.  Streetfront offers core academics (Social Studies, English, Math, Science, and Planning 10) with carefully monitored assignments and attendance.  Attendance and work completion are crucial to a student’s success at Streetfront.

Program Location:

Administering School:Britannia Secondary School
Address:1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver, B.C. V5L 3T4
Telephone:(604) 713-8272

Student Profile:

The Streetfront Program is designed for Grade 8 (repeating), Grade 9 and Grade 10 students who are capable of age appropriate grade level work, but who have had challenges finding success in a regular school setting for a myriad of reasons.  Students must be interested in physical activity and willing to participate in all activities.

Academic Goal:

At Streetfront students can complete grades 8 - 10.  Student progress is managed through the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process which involves the student, the parent/caregivers, and program staff.  Adaptations are made where necessary to meet the needs of the students.  In addition to providing educational and recreational programming, the staff is dedicated to working with students to provide social and emotional support.  Through growth in self-confidence, peer relations and academic achievement, students transition from Grade 10 back to a mainstream secondary school or proceed to a senior alternative program to complete their graduation requirements.

Referral Process:

Intake is continuous as space becomes available. Please complete the application form and attach all required documentation. 

All referrals are reviewed to determine program suitability relative to individual student needs. Successful applicants will be contacted by the Youth and Family Worker to arrange an intake interview with the student and their parent/guardian. 

A probationary two week trial period is recommended prior to students being formally accepted and transferred from their home school.

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