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Total Education

Program Description

Total Education is a district wide senior secondary alternative program. The program’s name reflects its philosophy that broader support for social development and lifestyle management enhances academic success. Teaching methods recognize individual learning styles and life experiences. Youth and Family Workers are available to provide social and emotional support to students and their families/caregivers, and to liaise with community agencies.

Program Location

Administering School:Vancouver Alternate Secondary School
Address:425 E. 29th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V5V 2R8
Telephone:(604) 713-5782

Student Profile

Students are between the ages of 16 -19. While the program emphasizes grade 11-12, there is some accommodation for completing grade 10 courses. The program is designed for students who have experienced academic, social or emotional challenges. Students who are successful at Total Education tend to have a supportive home environment that fosters regular school attendance, tend to be motivated to graduate, strong in the arts, and who are seeking community (as opposed to self-paced) learning.

Academic Goal

The curriculum focuses on academic and elective courses leading to a B.C. Secondary School Graduation Certificate (Dogwood), potentially fulfilling post-secondary entrance requirements.


Please complete the application form and attach all required documentation. 

All referrals are reviewed to determine program suitability relative to individual student needs. Successful applicants will be contacted by the Youth and Family Worker to arrange an intake interview with the student and their parent/guardian. 

Total Education operates on a semester system: Sept - Jan and Feb - Jun

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