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Parents' Corner: Navigating Current Events

Children watching Current Events Families and schools are microcosms of the greater world. With access to social media and news, coupled with rapidly changing current events, children and adults alike may be feeling overwhelmed by global and local events. This one-pager can be used as suggestions when engaging with your children to discuss difficult topics.                
Tips for Caregivers of VSB Students.pdf

Children Online The on-line world can be difficult to navigate for parents. Guidelines for screen time, setting limits, teaching children on using the internet safely....        On-line Guidelines for Children 0-5Internet-Matters-Age-Guide-0-5s-Jan23.pdf                                                                                                                                                        

On-line Guidelines for School-Age ChildrenInternet-Matters-Online-Critical-Thinking-Guide-1.pdf                                                                                                          

Raising Digitally Responsible Youtha resource from Safer Schools Together contains detailed information on the different internet platforms, tips for parents, video games and gaming, and lingo used online & texting.

Children's Play Wondering about your child's play? This article from CBC on January 25, 2024 talks about the benefits of outside play and in particular, risky play. ...,Pop%20the%20bubble%20wrap%20and%20let%20kids%20play%20outdoors%2C%20pediatricians,pediatricians%20say%20in%20new%20guidance.

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