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Code of Conduct

Collingwood School Code of Conduct REVISED June 16 2017.pdf

Taking Care of Yourself

  • Take care of your body by eating the most nutritious food you can, getting lots of exercise every day—at least 30 minutes—and getting plenty of rest.
  • Take care of your mind by coming to school being ready to learn, working hard at learning as much as you can, thinking as well as you can, and always striving for excellence in all you do.
  • Take care of your heart by being thankful, by practicing our virtues, by sharing your feelings with others and by working to solve problems peacefully.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.


Taking Care of Others

  • Treat others with respect, kindness and compassion; treat others the way you like to be treated; be sensitive to others’ feelings
  • Be friendly to others, not just your friends; include others in your games, activities and learning
  • Be helpful and cooperative with adults and other students at school, at home and in our community.
  • Help others to learn their best by always trying to be on your best behaviour and by using encouraging words

Taking Care of the Community

Our community is our school, the playground, the park and the neighbourhood.

  • Keep our community clean by putting your garbage in the garbage can, picking up litter, recycling, putting things back where they belong and looking after our belongings
  • Always respect other peoples’ property.

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