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Fundraisers and Donation

Parent Advisory Committees (PAC) organize fundraisers to support programs which directly benefit students in the school. Any parent can attend a PAC meeting to share their ideas and to offer expertise. 

Collingwood's current on-going fundraisers are Return-It Recycling and Mabel's Labels. 

Express Return It: 
Collect empty cans and bottles from daily use or from friends and neighbours, bag them into large clear/transparent bags. Sorting is optional.
Visit an Express location and go to the kiosk at the location to print labels using the account phone number (778-874-0371), label the bag and drop off there.
Funds will be deposited into the PAC fundraising account to support PAC supported initiatives at Collingwood Neighbourhood School.

Please find below some helpful links for further information on the program

Mabels Labels
Order labels from for your child’s personal belongings – jackets, lunch boxes, water bottles etc. During the purchasing process
you must enter “support a fundraiser” followed by “Collingwood Neighbourhood School (Vancouver)” and you are done.

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