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Communicating Student Learning (Report Cards)

In July 2023, the Ministry of Education and Child Care published a new reporting order that outlines how schools will communicate student learning to families. This new reporting order supports the redesigned curriculum that has been in place since 2016. 

The VSB’s Purpose of Assessment is aligned with the new guidelines: 

 The purpose of assessment is to facilitate learning and move it forward in an equitable and inclusive way. It helps students answer three questions about their learning:

  • Where am I now? 
  • Where am I going?  
  • How do I get there? 

Quality assessment is ongoing and responsive.  It informs the instruction cycle and provides teachers with evidence to plan.   It helps families understand and support their children’s learning. Most importantly, it provides students with meaningful feedback to guide their learning and help them reflect on their growth.


The Ministry has prepared a short brochure for families outlining the changes, and a longer document with more detailed information. The longer document is also available in French, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Tagalog Filipino, Farsi, Urdu, and Punjabi Gurmukhi.


Report Cards - December, March and June 

As part of our move towards aligning report card periods across the district, students will now receive three formal report cards. Additionally, there are two opportunities to discuss student learning. In October, teachers host goal setting conferences with students and families. In February, we have student-led conferences where students lead parents through their learning successes. 

The Parent Conference Dates are booked as follows:

October 25th / 26th, 2023

February 14th / 15th, 2024

LEARN MORE about what communicating student learning looks like at Elementary in Vancouver schools. Learn More

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