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Parking, Traffic Flow and Pedestrian Safety

Please obey the posted parking signs. There is no stopping in the front of the school. It is a drop off zone only in the morning. Please drive in a clockwise direction along Maple Street and keep moving - do not exit your vehicle in a "no stopping" or "no parking" zone. This applies to the afternoon pick-up time as well. Please wait in your car for your child.

If you wish to walk your child into the school or pick up from the school, please park on streets that do not border the school and walk with your child to and from school.

If you choose to park on the opposite side of the street, please use the nearest crosswalks. DO NOT jaywalk across the street. Develop good, safe pedestrian habits for your child.


Our staff parking lot is for staff parking only. DO NOT pick up or drop off your child in the staff parking lot. We encourage everybody to use the walkway on the east side of the parking lot to enter the school grounds rather than walking through the lot.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep our students safe.

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